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One uses the expression , or merely NLS, for speaking of the overall activity or feature encompassing both internationalization and localization, allowing for multi-lingual interactions in a program.

In a nutshell, one could say that internationalization is the operation by which further localizations are made possible.

The formal description of specific set of cultural habits for some country, together with all associated translations targeted to the same native language, is called the for this language or country.

However, there are many characters needed by various locales that are not found within this codeset.

GNU is an important step for the Translation Project, as it is an asset on which we may build many other steps.

This package offers to programmers, translators and even users, a well integrated set of tools and documentation.

There are a few major areas which may vary between countries and hence, define what a locale must describe.

The following list helps putting multi-lingual messages into the proper context of other tasks related to locales.

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The 8-bit ISO is nevertheless not adequate: it doesn’t even handle the major European currency. Some locales require time to be specified in 24-hour mode rather than as AM or PM.