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It is simply the time frame you are living in, global communication, media, economy, and science that WILL break down every religion, and scientists are getting help from unexpected side, namely the extremists.

t.b.c.: they drive more moderate religious people to think it is not desireable for them or their children & childrens children to live according the extremists way.

You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?

probably because they otherwise would marry the goats Anonymous: Funny story. Anonymous: Unless you're getting paid by the word, there's really no reason to slip in tedious details of visual detail unless you're genuinely trying to set up some subtle metaphors.

For continued support please deposit 00 is said bank account..."Anonymous: people are this stupid, I worked for a fortune 500 company and a bunch of managers came to me one day, they wanted a picture stolen from a WOW add shopped so the color schism matched their company logo for an ad, i said uhh i cant do that. Whereas in the middle east, women put up and shut up and make babies to be indoctrinated into the crazy teachings of islam. you havent evolved in the 1200 or so years youve been around. Sadly the west has no choice unless it starts fucken like rabbits and sending it's children to war.

they said, sure its easy, i was like no its illegal you moron. fuck islam your rotten peadophiliac ways can go fuck off back to the sand the west DOES NOT WANT! Islam and it's armies WILL NOT STOP until either they or more to the point US are dead.

You'll go to hell, you infidel, we can't speak discreetly. I think I'll go blow myself up now."Anonymous: no wonder they don't eat pork....

All we read is this shitty screed, we're all ignor-ant. This fucking book of yours doesn't work down here in the real world. i wouldn't eat something i just shagged 5 mins before either..

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Fuck that shit.: Actually, what this confirms, is the well-known fact that cats are VERY stoic and brave.

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