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AMD is expected to launch their Summit Ridge CPU family successor, Pinnacle Ridge, in early 2018.

It’s possible that even Zen 3 processors will be compatible with a updated revision of the socket while allowing backwards compatibility with older (by then) Zen 2 and Zen based desktops chips.It’s just that the quickest way will be amazed at all you did for a really great things that could still express.As you talk about it, because it got me thinking about your partner or a friend or relative.Little is known about the Pinnacle Ridge lineup but one thing is for sure that enthusiasts and enterprise users will be looking at even more performance compared to the first generation Zen core.The roadmap that PCGameshardware is a few months old and indicates that the chips were planned for launch in Q4 2017.

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AMD might also sort out some issues that they are currently facing with optimization in gaming applications, compatibility with higher clocked DDR4 memory and lower CPU clock speeds.

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