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Muslim woman dating non muslim

I approached Nadia, after discretely following her from the University Center to the third floor of the school Library.

As tempting as her sweet pussy was, it's her ass that interested me the most. My name is Amina Abdullah and I'm a booty-loving and totally freaky bisexual Somali Canadian woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.My former boyfriend Ali was a real screamer and I like that in a man. This always surprises people because as a five-foot-four, 120-pound, brown-skinned, dark-eyed and hijab-wearing Somali chick, I'm presumed to be a prude. The six-foot-tall, curvaceous, bronze-skinned and raven-haired Lebanese Canadian cutie caught my eye while I was walking through the University Center at Carleton University one fine day in June 2014.Not only did I fuck his ass with the strap-on dildo, but I later fisted him. From the moment our eyes met, I knew that Nadia Al-Nasser was my kind of woman.The big-booty Lebanese cutie was sinfully sexy and didn't seem to know it.Still, I instinctively knew that a world of passion lurked beneath the surface of her golden brown eyes.

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