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was a huge part of my life — the hardest years of dating, making mistakes, and learning who I was were spent on TV.

Looking back though, I laugh a lot at the drama and can see things from a different perspective.

It was all about confrontation and drama and the producers would egg us on in a way. A mutual friend of ours called me and told me that he was there and didn’t want to tell me but knew he wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye if he didn’t come clean. Then, neither of them would call me back or respond to my texts and the producers, of course, wanted me to talk about it on camera, which took some pushing. He did apologize to me years ago for the way he treated me on the show and how everything played out. We were both ironically from the OC and he slipped me a paper with his number and offered to do my hair. season doing my hair, but they never made it to air because he wasn’t really into it.

That friend has since passed and I really don’t care about what happened anymore. We kept in touch and were ‘together but not together,’ if that makes sense.

In the beginning, it was about 4 girls becoming friends, living in LA, having fun, dating, and working and that was pretty genuine.

because I knew that if I did show up, they wanted fights and drama and tears… Kristin was in it for the drama and the show didn’t seem to really care.The couple got married in November in Hawaii, finally making their relationship legal after many, many years together. Patridge and Bohan are the parents to a little girl named Kira, who was born in June of 2016 and who will remain the priority for both halves of this now-former romance going forward. 1 priority is her daughter and she asks for privacy at this time," Patridge's rep told Entertainment Tonight in a statement. A united front ever since The Hills was a major hit on MTV, Patridge and Bohan appeared to be an exception to the rule that most couples who get together on reality television eventually fall apart.Back in December, Audrina talked to Entertainment Tonight about how she and Bohan planned to avoid a break up.people can't just try to come in between us and tell us lies. And it's very ugly.) But in this same ET interview, Patridge did say that having a young child at home was a strain on the pair's marriage. we haven't really been on a date just him and I since we had the baby,” Patridge said, adding: "We have a calendar now…It's like, 'No, that's not true.'” So, what went wrong? and it's really nice because I'll give Kirra a bath every night and get her ready for bed and put her to sleep and he'll cook us dinner, so there's a balance." It can be difficult to find time for romance when a couple also must find time (A LOT of time! Whatever the cause of their split, we wish Audrina and Corey the very best in the future.

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I was on my way to the airport with friends for a Vegas trip and they called me that morning asking me to stop at Pinkberry on the way and said it would only take a few minutes.

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