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Xbox keeps updating

I needed some downtime from the console’s beautiful rides and zombie mobs and risible breast physics.The only interaction my Xbox One’s had with a human being in a week: my toddler, who figured out that touching the console’s capacitive plastic faceplate to oscillate the signature backlit logo and corresponding electronic power-up-or-down “plink! When I put my Xbox One to bed, it was fine, no complaints, no issues, no memory leaks or menu lag or whatever else you’ve been reading people complain about on message boards.

Of course if you have those settings on, you should never be prompted for an update.This is a minor issue and should be fixed within a few days after the consoles launch on November 22.Inserting a disc and installing it should be an easy task, but things have gone awry for some users.In at least one reported case, a console refusing to download the update spontaneously begin work, sometimes after hours of waiting.This could be related to back-end network connectivity issues on the Microsoft server side.

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As it is, this feels just as last-gen as updating an Xbox 360 or Play Station 3, only without the guidance.